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Repair of Bentley

Bentley Cars Ltd. – is an English company specializing in the production of cars, the founder of the legendary aristocratic car brand, formed in 1919, Walter Owen Bentley.

His first car with a 3-liter “four” was developed jointly with F. Barges and G. Varley. In the autumn of the same year, Walter Bentley showed his first-born at the London Motor Show, but he was able to establish production only after two years. By the way, from the very beginning, Bentley set his sights on the production of prestigious cars. A volume of three liters made the car unattainable for ordinary motorists, and a five-year warranty period, unique for that time, attracted the attention of wealthy people. The car bore a simple name – 3L, which simply meant the presence of a 3-liter engine. Later this designation became traditional. And only somewhere from the mid-twenties, verbal designations began to appear in the names, for example, Big Six.

Bentley, without burdening himself with design delights, paid special attention to the technical side of the issue. He saw the main purpose of his cars in winning car races. Indeed, it has rarely happened that Bentley cars did not win sports. The use of large-volume engines made it possible to remove a considerable amount of horsepower from them. One of these was the 4.5L model with a Roots rotary supercharger placed in front of the radiator. This car was specially designed for the famous racer and industrial magnate G. Birkin. In those years, the car became one of the most powerful and fastest, and, despite the critical attitude towards it from Bentley himself, brought his company even more fame.

In 1928-30, in small quantities, “6.5L” model cars and its sports version “Speed Six” are assembled. In three years, this car has won two races at Le Mans and three times in Brookland.

The production of the 8L model – the most expensive and prestigious in the company’s line – began in 1930.

The beginning of the thirties was marked by the loss of the Bentley company of its independence. Thus, through the mediation of Napier, Bentley became part of another elite automobile company Rolls-Royce. This began a new stage in the history of the company, which did not diminish the prestige and position of Bentley that had been earned earlier. Now referred to as SS Cars (which stands for Silent Sports Car), bentley has become the undisputed leader in British luxury cars.

The first Bentley co-created with Rolls-Royce is the 3.5L model (1933). In 1936, the 4.5L model appeared, based on Rolls-Royce 20/25НР and Rolls-Royce 25/30 НР. Since 1933, seven models, very similar in construction and design, have been produced.

Gradually, the production of Bentley cars began to move from Derby to the Rolls-Royce plant located in Crewe. And the first fully built model there was the Mark-VI, which went into production a few months after the end of World War II. Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith became the base for this car. And since 1955, all Bentley models have been complete copies of Rolls-Royce. Nevertheless, despite the constructive similarity of both brands, the main difference between them was and remains to this day: Rolls-Royce is an executive car, and its owner’s seat is at the back. And Bentley is, on the contrary, a car for people who can and love to drive a car.

In 1952, Bentley introduced the Continental model. It was a sporty two-door car that became the fastest sedan production sedan.

1955 – the S series demonstrated the final technical convergence of brands. Bentley S1 became a copy of Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith.

The S3 model appears in 1963. Bentley T appeared in 1965.

Turbocharged models begin production in the 1970s. These are the MulsanneTurbo and Turbo R models bearing the Bentley trademark. According to connoisseurs, the Bentley MulsanneTurbo has become one of the best sedans in the world, even when compared to the Mercedes-Benz 600SEL.

The modern program of the company has been formed for about 20 years. In 1980, the presentation of the Mulsanne model took place, two years later, a 300 horsepower version with a turbocharger was released, and a couple of years later – a simplified version of the Eight. The rest of the models were created according to the so-called “project 90”, with different bodies and some external differences from their counterparts from Rolls-Royse – Turbo R and Brooklands, only the Continental model did not have and has no analogues. The family of these expensive sports coupes is primarily intended for the young and ambitious millionaires who find sports cars like Ferrari as too utilitarian and lacking in comfort. The current Continental models are available in three main modifications “R”, “T” and “SC”. Model “R” is the cheaper in the family (only 314 thousand dollars) and has a distinctive finish, as well as a comfortable and yet perfectly tuned for fast driving. Model “T” has a base shortened by 100 mm, a sportier suspension and a powerful engine of 426 hp. But the most interesting of this “opera” is “SC” modification (Sedanca Coupe) with a retractable rigid roof. In the normal state, this is a closed coupe, however, if desired, part of the roof over the front seats is automatically retracted. And the latest models for today are the Azure convertible and, of course, the Bentley Arnage model based on the Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph.

In 1991, the Bentley Continental-Azure model was launched. Later in 1996, following the Continental R, the Continental T family of these cars were added.

The Bentley Azure began production in 1996.

1997 saw the first show of the Turbo RT model.

The reshuffle in the automotive world today saw Bentley Motors free itself from the bonds of Rolls-Royce and  came under the control of Volkswagen AG in 1998.

Today one of the main accents in the production program falls on the Arnage model (premiered in April 1998, Turin). It is powered by a BMW V8 engine (4.4L) with two Garrett turbochargers and is available in two basic versions – Red Label (sportier version, 400 hp) and Green Label (354 hp). Passenger safety in this ultra-luxury sedan is ensured by dual airbags, ABS, traction-control, and a fuel cut-off system that unlocks the doors and separates the steering column in the event of an accident.

The timeless “classics” from Bentley are also in service – various variants of the Continental model (March 1991, Geneva), which are distinguished by the excellent quality of interior trim (leather from Conolli, panels of rare wood or polished aluminum) and a thoughtful chassis design. The most powerful Continental T with a shortened base and a 6.8-liter Vickers turbo engine develops 426 hp, and is rightfully considered one of the fastest coupes in the world – the maximum speed is 273 km/h with a gross weight of 2850 kg.

The design of the soft leather upper for the Azure convertible was designed and manufactured by the Italian company – Pininfarina. The premiere of the convertible from Bentley took place in late 2000 at the Birmingham Auto Show.

2001 – Bentley EX Speed ​​8 debuts at the 2001 Detroit Auto Show in the American Continent.

In addition to all of the above, I would like to mention the Bentley S-2 model, which belonged to the greatest musician of the twentieth century – John Lennon. This car was specially purchased by him for the presentation of the Beatles album “Yellow Submarine” in America. For the full breadth of perception of the new album and attracting a larger audience to it, the car was specially painted under the strict guidance of Lennon himself, in a unique psychedelic style, inspired by him and other members of the group, apparently after a fair use of marijuana. They say that the previous owner was so shocked to see the reincarnation that he was speechless for several minutes. Nevertheless, all these experiments made the car a unique exhibit of history, keeping the imprint of long gone era.

Bentley Motors has been producing Bentley Flying Spur since 2005 (Flain Spur – from the English – “flying spur”) – an executive sedan. It was called Continental Flying Spur until 2013. The name Flying Spur was first used in 1957 for the four-door version of S1 coupe.

Bentley company has long planned a crossover in its lineup. The company presented its first incarnation in March 2012 under the name Bentley EXP 9°F. The future car had a platform in common with the Porsche Cayenne, Q7 and LamborghiniUrus and had a W12 engine. However, after this appearance, news about the car practically stopped for 3.5 years. Six months later, the car was spotted for testing, and it also became known that the car’s premiere is planned only in 2 years – in 2016. By the end of 2014, the name of the future crossover became known – Bentayga (in honor of the Bentayga rocks on the island of Gran Canaria in the Canary archipelago), and not Falcon, as originally planned.


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